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Jos Nelissen, a third-generation poultry farmer in Oirlo, has developed a very special egg. By feeding his chickens marigolds/tagetes, the egg white becomes creamier and the yolk fuller in taste and colour. Jos wished to market these eggs, away from the regular retail chain due to the low prices offered. As these eggs have such a special taste, it was positioned in the culinary world. The egg was tested by various (Michelin star) chefs, all reacted with enthusiasm. Nelissen has now set up a team with his daughter Mirthe to market the eggs




  • Positioning
  • Developing house style
  • Product development in collaboration with Angélique Schmeinck
  • 2D packaging design
  • Logo design
  • Website design
  • Social media expression
  • Digital mock-ups
  • DTP packaging



A new egg brand: Marigold, with the focus on taste. Delightful, luxurious packaging that centres on this unique egg’s outstanding taste. The Netherlands’ heritage has also been woven into the brand, using images of chickens and lace inspired by zentangle. Various other products have also been developed; some contain the eggs, others include the chickens that no longer lay eggs (dual purpose). For chefs, as well as for consumers.



Executed by

Elian van Dijk, Roel Vink

In co-operation with

Emmy van Gool, Angélique Schmeinck, Steven Trippaers, Rutger Siemonsma, Brechje Albert, Bart Fischer, Jorane Cuppen (Guts to Glory)


3 April 2021


Corporate Identities, Food & packaging design


2D packaging design, Corporate Identity, Culinary world, Digital mock-ups, DTP, eggs, Logo design, Marigold, Positioning, Product development, Social media, Website design