Jos Nelissen, a third-generation poultry farmer in Oirlo, has developed an exclusive egg. By feeding his chickens marigolds/tagetes, the egg white becomes creamier and the yolk fuller in taste with a beautiful golden yellow colour. Jos wanted to market these eggs, but he also wanted to avoid the regular retail routes given the ultra-low margins. As this egg offers superior characteristics due to its colour, taste and structure, he chose to present it to the professional culinary world. The egg has been trialled by (celebrity) chefs who have proven enthusiastic. Jos and his daughter Mirthe then decided to set up a team to market these eggs. Now New Next was requested to develop the brand.



  • Positioning
  • Developing house style
  • Product development in collaboration with Angélique Schmeinck
  • 2D packaging design
  • Logo design
  • Website design
  • Social media approach
  • Digital mock-ups
  • DTP packaging


A new egg brand: Marigold, with a focus on the professional culinary world (celebrity chefs). Delightful, luxurious packaging that underscores the superb taste of the egg. The brand merges the past with the present in the design, with illustrations of a chicken and lace and utilising zentangle inspired patterns. Various other products have also been developed in tandem with the eggs. The eggs are now used by numerous renowned chefs, including Jonnie Boer and Nelson Tanate of the Librije restaurant.

Elian van Dijk, Roel Vink

Emmy van Gool, Angélique Schmeinck, Steven Trippaers, Rutger Siemonsma, Brechje Albert, Bart Fischer, Jorane Cuppen (Guts to Glory)

Ariane van Mancius



Amalthea, the biggest supplier of (semi) hard goat’s cheese to retail, decided to launch its own brand. Using a new, patented production method, CleardMilk, Amalthea was capable of developing a wide range of different goat’s cheese products, including Greek yoghurt and mozzarella. Amalthea desired to market these products under its own heading and tasked Now New Next with the positioning of the brand, as well as the development of the house style and packaging.



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