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Davelaar – Odekoeken

In 2019, Amarant Bakkers repurchased the Davelaar brand from the bakery they previously sold it to. Their aim was to reposition the brand and make it relevant again. To achieve this, they introduced Open Hiring®, where people can come along and work in the bakery without having to apply for a particular job. They also introduced a new name with the focus on ‘vegan’. This has increased the brand’s significance, linking it to the spirit of the time.



  • Investigating the history of Davelaar’s ‘Jodenkoeken’ biscuits
  • Positioning following Christine Boland’s mindset method
  • Research into and development of the new name
  • 2D packaging design, one was selected from the various designs presented
  • Supervising packaging production



The end result is a future-proof brand of delicious biscuits in an attractive package which looks both modern and nostalgic. In tandem with its social function the company has a new, but recognisable name and has developed a range of ideas for future activities and collaborations.



Executed by

Elian van Dijk, Roel Vink

In co-operation with

Joost la Housse, Charlotte Leemans


2 March 2021


Food & packaging design, Packaging design


2D packaging design, Davelaar, Jodenkoeken, Research, Vegan