Social & Sustainable Entrepreneurship

“Practice what you preach”

Sustainability has been an important core value of Now New Next since its founding in 2013. We cannot achieve a sustainable future alone; for this, cooperation and action are the key to success. We also do our part to make a positive impact on the environment, people and our environment. Sometimes bigger, but often it is the sum of many small initiatives.


Sustainable Building
Het Wagenhuis is a historic place that was sustainably renovated in 2021. The floor, walls and roof are fully insulated. The underfloor heating has been installed in 3 compartments, so that we can operate them separately, and there are 20 solar panels on the roof. The building has Energy Label A+++ and is 0 on the meter.

Living Lab True Price Café
Inspired by the mission and vision of ‘True Price’, we provide insight into invisible costs of coffee, tea and soft drinks at Het Koffiehuis. During our experiment from 2021 to 2023, you paid the real price in Het Wagenhuis; that is the commercial price + social + ecological costs. This method makes hidden costs transparent and the real price visible.

Drive cars until they are completely used
We believe in utilizing the full lifespan of cars. The energy spent on producing a car will last you 5 years! Babette Porcelijn has made us aware that it is better for car owners to completely drive up your car before buying a new one.

Accessibility by public transport
Public transport is efficient, environmentally friendly and accessible to everyone. Het Wagenhuis is also easily accessible by public transport. From Utrecht Central train station there is a direct connection to Breukelen Station. You can reach the office in just a 15-minute walk or take the bus or (public transport) bicycle.


CTOUCH screen
Our presentation screen is from CTOUCH, the world’s most sustainable manufacturer of touchscreens. They consume on average 29% less energy than other brands, last a long time, have lower CO₂ emissions and guarantee a transparent supply chain without slavery and child labor.

Vega lunch

Vegetarian lunch
We enjoy a 100% vegetarian lunch every day. Did you know that number 2 in the impact top 10, with an average diet two thirds of the impact is caused by food and drink? That’s a lot! Vegetarian food is not only healthy and tasty, but above all good for the planet.

Zero Art
Unique paintings and works of art shine on the walls in Het Wagenhuis. Our art collection embraces ‘Zero Art’, a movement that focuses on circular use of materials. The play with light and minimal colors makes it timeless and always inspiring. Art and sustainability go hand in hand for us!

Reuse materials in interior
Our bar is made from leftover bathroom tiles from Ariane. And the gold tiles on the wall come from cutting losses from a wholesaler. Shame to throw away. The planters are old mannequins and most of the furniture come from archive sales.

Separating waste

Waste seperation
It goes without saying that we separate our waste. Materials such as paper, glass and plastic can be largely reused. This saves new raw materials, energy and money. That is why we are happy to lend a helping hand by actively separating waste at the source.

Environmentally friendly products:

Bocca coffee beans
Our coffee beans are from Bocca. The coffee brand is committed to people & the environment. Bocca is one of the few B-Corp certified coffee companies in the Netherlands that manages the entire coffee chain. We enjoy this delicious coffee every day.

Dilmah Thea
Dilmah Tea is a tea brand known for its high quality, ethical production and strong commitment to sustainability and the well-being of the people who are part of the production process. Loose tea also gives more flavor and produces less waste. A cup of Kindness.

Thijs Drinks
Our juices are from THIJS Drinks. THIJS makes tasty and responsible soft drinks from excess fresh fruit, naturally low in calories, less sweet and very tasty. All fruit pulp remains are converted into biogas or used for animal feed. This way they don’t throw anything away.

We like to use products from Marie-Stella-Maris. The brand donates a fixed amount to support clean drinking water projects worldwide. Marie-Stella-Maris strives for sustainable production and (refill) packaging, using natural and high-quality ingredients.


Oatmilk as option
For a more sustainable choice, we offer oat milk as a alternative. Oat milk less deforestation and requires relatively little land and water, unlike cow’s milk. A nice coffee moment with a good feeling.

FLOX Flowers

FLOX Flowers
Our flowers and plants are from FLOX Flowers. FLOX supplies artificial flowers and plants that are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Flowers are polluting, require a lot of pesticides, air freight and you have waste every week. In addition, artificial flowers also provide convenience;
they look fresh all year round. With a subscription we can continue to reuse these flowers so nothing has to be wasted.


Empower the woman
Financial self-reliance of women is an important topic that deserves more attention. In the Netherlands, only 20% of women are fully financially independent. We stand for more money in the hands of women, encourage women to maintain control over their own lives and fight for equality. At NNN, there is a focus on women and everyone is rewarded equally.

Ethical & Social responsibility
Ensuring good working conditions, fair pay, safety and respecting workers’ rights is important. Therefore, we never work overtime, there is an open communication structure and we sit ergonomically on good chairs (Hermann Miller brand).
in een prettige omgeving

Persoonlijke ontwikkeling medewerkers

Personal development of employees
Growing in who you are and what you do leads to innovation, great relationships and improved performance. With our corporate values and personal development plan as a guideline, we are encouraged to develop qualities such as AI, leadership and sustainability that contribute to our shared success.

We leiden jong talent op

Train young talent
The youth has the future. That is why we offer young talent the opportunity to do an internship with us.

icoon Vertrouwenspersoon

External confidential advisor
Linda from Frankly HR is our external confidential advisor who is available for all personal questions in a completely independent manner. She offers our employees advice and support where needed. She offers our employees advice and support where necessary.


Vegetable garden harvest
We have a harvest share at Hof van Gunterstein in Breukelen. We harvest organic vegetables and herbs every week. In this way we contribute together to a new and sustainable way of agriculture. And employees have the opportunity to get their vegetables fresh from the field throughout the summer.

Spreken voor het goede doel

Speaking for charity
We speak for charity twice a year. Companies can book an in-house speaking session with us and 100% of the Speaker’s fee will be donated to charity. We think it is important not to look away from current events in the world and that is why we do something. That feels good.

Knowledge transfer new generation

Knowledge transfer new generation
We speak at universities and colleges to give students an insight into real-life cases. By sharing trends and talking about projects, we inspire and motivate students to get started and contribute to the innovative and creative industry.

Verspreiding info/kennis duurzaam verpakken

Spread info/knowledge about sustainable packaging
We know a lot about sustainability and we include that in every process for our customers. From smart packaging design to sustainable solutions. We like to talk about sustainability and make trend reports about it. We want to make a difference, sometimes a bit pushy but never activist.


Collaboration is not something you do alone. We work network style with experts from different backgrounds who support us.
Ariane is a real connector and ties everything together, not only ideas but also people.



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