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Mama’s maaltijden

Serdar Tolenaar, owner of a Plus supermarket, noticed a market desire among consumers for fresh, quality meals. To satisfy this, during the Covid lockdown he started to cook and sell meals in his shop. An instant hit, he was quickly approached by other supermarkets to sell his meals in their outlets. Together with a team he drew up a plan to see how he could upscale, without compromising quality. Now New Next was asked to develop packaging for these meals.




  • Positioning
  • Developing a house style
  • Supervision during the Mama’s photoshoot
  • Developing names for the meals
  • 2D packaging design
  • Digital mock-ups
  • Supervising packaging production
  • DTP packaging



The end result is a truly striking brand. The different ‘Mamas’ each have their own cuisine, acting as a category for various meals. The meals all have humorous names. A daring new brand and a perfect fit for the current time.


Mama’s maaltijden

Executed by

Roel Vink, Rianne Kee, Elian van Dijk

In co-operation with

Joost la Housse, Floris Hülsmann, Dave Weij


2 June 2021


Development, Food & packaging design


2D packaging design, Corporate Identity, Digital mock-ups, DTP, Mama’s maaltijden, Packaging, Positioning