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Hot & Cold

Approach for Albert Heijn to design an innovative packaging concept for their new Hot & Cold food development, which takes distance from the existing market. The long brief contained restrictions such as: 1 mono material, inline production, stylish design, visual appearance of the product and suitable for the microwave.




From inspiration to final design, we worked together with designers, developers, and producers to create a completely new innovative packaging. Which easily separates the hot part from the cold part and has a stylish design appearance. The packaging is made out of PP.



An iconic innovative packaging for a new Hot & Cold concept. Form follows function.


Plukon for Albert Heijn

In co-operation with

Plukon, Albert Heijn, Roy Gilsing, Naber Plastics


14 March 2018


Packaging design, Packaging innovation, Product development


Albert Heijn, Food development, Hot & Cold, Innovative packaging, Mono material, Plukon, Stylish design