Kimomma is a new brand creating sustainable kimonos and accessories that celebrate all stages of motherhood. They’re cheer-leaders for women with attitude, women who demand to be seen, heard and appreciated. They think the process of creating brand new, tiny people should be included as an Olympic sport. Kimomma helps you celebrate and negotiate every curve, hurdle, challenge or change. Underpin your confidence to enjoy those precious moments and connections with your self and your little one(s).



  • Positioning
  • 2D packaging design
  • Logo optimisation
  • Icon development
  • Patterns development
  • Research into materialisation/packaging
  • Digital mock-ups
  • DTP packaging
  • Brand book

The result delivered two new kimono lines: Waves of love, based on the sonic waves that exist between mother and child, and Footsteps, with a print based on the icon of a penguin and little footsteps that weave around and across each other. Entirely apt, as the road that motherhood negotiates is rarely a straight one! Now New Next also created the despatch packaging, the brand identity and wrapping paper, the Kimom bag, as well as various social media elements, all in a striking and colourful design.

Joyce Visser, Dewi de Jong, Rianne Kee

Ariane van Mancius


Care Plus

Care Plus, producer of Deet anti insect spray among other products, witnessed its turnover decline during the Covid pandemic due to people traveling less. Care Plus therefore decided to add a new line to its business model involving sunscreen care. The sunscreen care line had to fit closely with Care Plus’s brand guidelines, whilst at the same time make a striking presence on the shelf. Now New Next was tasked with developing the line.



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