We’re always keen to share our discoveries and enjoy meeting and collaborating with other creative foodies

At NNN BV. we recognise knowledge sharing as an important factor for success, as this leads to an increase in creative and collaborative problem solving. Particularly in the context of sustainability, where to be part of the solution (and not of the pollution), it is important to inspire and encourage each other.

  • Our most recent presentation is entitled: Unwaste – Rethinking Food and Packaging. As it is about the changing consumers and their very different drivers, their concerns about the planet and their desires ‘to make the world Greta again’, this eye-opening presentation can be viewed as a logical extension to our in-depth presentations about the next generations. The presentation combines facts and figures supported by inspiring examples and a clear invitation to think, invest and act now.
  • In the presentation ‘How Do Millennials Eat?’ we guide you through the mutual evolution of the new generations and food & packaging. Knowledge of and a clear insight into their drivers and attitudes are a vital necessity to reach this demanding and critical audience, as well as to build a business that can continue well into the coming decades. The highly visual presentation illustrated with ample inspiring examples from around the globe is structured around nine key hashtags: # food, # beverage, # packaging, # food concepts, # health, # planet friendly, # technology, # flavours, # graphic design.
  • Our annual ‘Top 10 Food Trends’ presentation shares the most significant experiences from our 24/7 trend watching activities. Which trends are shaping today’s food and beverage marketplace and how do they progress and influence our lifestyle? We will share a wide range of examples and encourage you to convert this information into new business opportunities.

For direct bookings or via my agent:

Fees start at 2500 euros excl. VAT.

To complement our lectures and presentations, NNN BV. also has over 20 years of experience in organising national and international events and exhibitions. For themes, concepts, interiors, sponsoring, sales training, entertainment, fashion shows and goodie bags, the NNN BV. network has it all covered.

NNN’s key words: trends / foodies / eye opening / clarity / vision / entertainment

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