Ariane van der Krol-van Mancius (1975)

Challenger, someone who, on the basis of courage, vision and creativity, dares to challenge the status quo.

After completing a degree in Hospitality Management in Maastricht (1999), she started a ‘rotating’ sushi bar in the heart of Amsterdam with some old student friends. Ariane particularly enjoyed the creative element of the restaurant’s setup. After a couple of years she decided to look for a more conceptual role. This came when she joined Helios MPPD, a family-run enterprise supplying airline catering. Ariane proved a perfect fit in her new role and remained with the company for over 13 years, learning everything there is to know about the business across innovation, food and packaging.


During a short sabbatical in 2012 Ariane rose to the challenge of following her heart. She is a creative team player with a keen appetite for creating beautiful products. She is also superb at bringing together people with ideas and possesses a remarkable ability to anticipate what will happen next, well before it actually occurs. Pooling these passions she launched her own company Now New Next in September 2013.


Now New Next is a network style agency specialising in and with concern for ‘the future in food & packaging’. Together with a close-knit dedicated team Ariane works for both small and multinational food companies across six channels: retail, airlines, petrol, food services, agriculture and healthcare. Depending on the specific question and requirements she will put together tailored project teams from Now New Next’s solid network, consisting of recognised specialists from sustainable packaging to market research, from digital strategy to design language and from retail design to product development.


We are Now New Next and we desire to rethink food and packaging. We breathe Gen Next’s attitudes and drivers. We want to be part of the solution, not the pollution. And above all, we’re always happy to help.

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