2D and 3D Design in Food & Packaging

Visual Identity, Style Guides and both Graphic and Structural Packaging Design

In today’s online and visual world, Gen Next increasingly demands 2D and 3D visual communication. Words may be a powerful tool, but visuals are branded into consumers’/customers’ mind, directly influencing their behaviour and buying decisions. Nowhere more so than in the area of food, a strong visual identity and packaging design are key to captivating the eyes. And food design is not just about decorating a brand or product to make it look pretty and tasty, it’s about getting down to basics. It’s about capturing the critical elements of the brand or product’s positioning and about communicating these vital elements in a visual narrative, from website to packaging and from brochures to office interiors.

In a step by step and interactive approach we will help you translate your unique value proposition into visual assets. From composing exploratory mood boards to developing tailored style guides, from designing a compact visual identity to compiling an extensive brand manifest and from writing a packaging brief to fully detailing the graphic and/or structural package design, we’re always pleased to help and to bring on board our passion for design.

NNN’s key words: visual language /soul / passion / pragmatic / interactive / inspiration.

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