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the FoodNest®

the FoodNest®

Ariane is developing together with Enkev a new innovative lunchbox called the FoodNest® On the 5 th of February Ariane and EAS photography made a photo-shoot at Enkev. A behind the scene of the making of the FoodNest®.

Enkev’s  latest innovation is CocoForm; a natural, sustainable, alternative to mainstream packaging. CocoForm® is very strong, highly protective, totally natural and easily compostable. And most of all, it looks spectacular. Enkev can make CocoForm® in almost any shape imaginable. The company has invested in a new machinery to produce smaller product runs for the food packaging industry. Please check out www.enkev.com for the FoodNest® lunchbox. Or mail Ariane@nownewnext.nl for more details.

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