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Tailor made style guides

Tailor made style guide


Trend watching is a complex process of constant monitoring of most industry sectors in the global market. The ability to observe and analyse the result is a task that requires considerable experience and constant observation.


Consumer trends are a response to demand, created by a reaction to the Zeitgeist. This field of tension is defined by what is happening in the world on the political, societal, technological and economic front. An understanding of the progression of trends, and how these trends subsequently influence our lifestyles, is an essential element in the process of product development. In addition to general trends and developments, sector-specific influences also play an important role. Each domain has its own market and product trends, for example, sectors such as food, fashion, furniture and packaging.


Researching trends

Four factors play an important role in the research of trends:

– What is happening around us?

– What is happening in our specific market?

– What do consumers want?

– Which products/services are relevant and popular?


We create customised vision documents. We filter relevant and influential trends that are valuable to your business and market from a cross-industry perspective. We compile this in a visual story that incorporates all aspects; colour, look, structure, material, design, stylistic elements and visual vocabulary.


Our service starts with a thorough study into what drives the consumer. We then translate this into trends we develop further according to the following steps:



The trend document/report provides clarity, vision and direction for the future. Thus, collections are no longer based on gut feeling or personal taste, but on the research of the market and vision of designers, colour analysts and trade exhibitions, for example.

The style guides provide a perfect starting point for product innovation processes.

Are you inspired? Having a good insight into the relevant trends that influence your business is one of the important pillars for building your company’s future strategy.


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