Sustainable Food Packaging

The right packaging can contribute to both sustainability and good business

When it comes to packaging, sustainability is an expectation rather than an aspiration or trend. In little over a century, plastic has fallen from packaging-material hero to one of the world’s greatest environmental threats. Everyone is seeking environmentally friendly alternatives that simultaneously meet the most significant consumer needs and product protection and marketing requirements.

Choosing the most environmentally friendly food packaging is easier said than done. Not only because material science and packaging engineering is developing at an exponential rate, but also because the term ‘sustainable packaging’ exists only in the context of the product for which it has been conceived. In other words, packaging is always part of a bigger picture.

By carefully and interactively considering the full array of rethinking, reducing, reusing, repurposing, renewing and/or recycling choices, we will help you to draw up a shortlist of options that are as desirable as they are viable and feasible. We can support you from research to implementation, from selecting (raw) materials to sustainable packaging design and from regulatory compliance to marketing and communication. Every week we meet new specialists to develop our network, whilst building a holistic and overarching view of this often complex subject.

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