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NNN introduces a new service, focused on innovation for both airlines and/or HS trains.


Airlines are in our DNA. Our many years of experience with more than 150+ airlines has taught us exactly what airlines want and what demands are placed on suppliers. That means that we can help both parties in tenders.


Procurement, innovation and production are different disciplines that require a different approach. Still, most airline suppliers approach them as if they were interchangeable. NNN assists in properly separating these processes within their new service, leading to an innovative approach and personal designs at the best cost prices.


For airlines

In collaboration with the relevant airline we can propose their tenders in such a way that the supplier knows what is expected and what is not. Simultaneously, the airline remains the director of the pitch. This results in the overlay that fits best with the airline. NNN also consults with airlines about their choice of producers on the basis of best product, price and service.


For suppliers to airlines

NNN also provides its services to airline suppliers. For example, for the preparation of a complete pitch-document or go-to-airline market plan. NNN makes sure you always have a good story to pitch to your client, which significantly increases your chances of winning a tender or enter the airline market with the right strategy.


NNN’s key words include: Return on investment/ speed/ expertise/ objectivity/ accountability/ effectiveness and commitment.


Please take a look at portfolio / unique airline inflight consultancy.


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