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Are you inspired? Having a good insight in the relevant trends that influence your business is one of the important pillars to build your company’s future strategy.


Ariane van Mancius is the driven force behind Now|New|Next, we capture and structure industry influential food, packaging and hospitality trends in a highly visual presentation. We speak about ‘creative thinking’ and reveal secrets on how to achieve successful innovations. We give valuable drivers, insights and opportunities for the changing food landscape.


Our speaking topics are: Food|Packaging|Hospiltality|Sustainability|Technology|Airline Food & Packaging|Gastronomics|Millennials & Food


One of the most recent presentations is all about “The New Food Movement” and the changing consumer. This development within the food landscape is mainly driven by the new generation; “The so called Millennial Generation”. In 7 years Gen Next is 45% of the Dutch community and they have very different drivers than any generation. Now|New|Next co-operated with Dutch based Millennial Consultancy firm Kult & Ace. The 2 companies have worked intensively together to compile this new speech, since Millennials are more than any generation interested in what they eat, where they eat and when they eat. This is discussed by looking at the themes: Food, Packaging, Graphic Design, Beverage, Flavour, Food Concepts, Health, Planet friendly, Technology, Airlines


A true ‘eye opener’ that offers your company or organization clarity, vision and direction for the future.



Antien Zuidweg | Food Innovation HAS Hogeschool 

We werden getrakteerd op een wervelwind van kleuren, verpakkingen, food concepten, maar bovenal een verassende inkijk in de motieven van de millennial die de food wereld “as we know it” de komende jaren op zijn kop gaat zetten! Voor de gevestigde food bedrijven die vooral op de retail gefocussed zijn is dit een wake-up call die je niet mag missen! 


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