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Wheel of sustainability – Internal Project

Making packaging more sustainable presents a major challenge for food companies. Much is written about the subject and societal pressure is building. Now New Next asked Berend Kluijfhout, as part of his thesis for his research into Nutrition and Dietetics, to develop a holistic model for NNN’s use when advising on making packaging more sustainable.




  • Literature research into the challenges in view of sustainable packaging
  • Desk research into existing models
  • Interviews with specialists



The project resulted in the ‘Wheel of Sustainability’; a holistic and comprehensible sustainability model. The model focuses on the following pillars : Measure (calculating the environmental impact), Model (developing new business models), Design (designing all the way to end of life), Materials (selecting the appropriate materials). All of this is cast in an ‘Infinite Loop’, as making packaging more sustainable is a continuous process.


Internal Project

Executed by

Berend Kluijfhout

In co-operation with

Antonia Mazel (internship mentor)


6 July 2020




Sustainable packaging, Wheel of sustainability