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Rituals on a Journey

Approach for Rituals to make an inspiring story about the sensory awereness. This story can be used for internal and external presentation to enter the airline market.




From an insight that scent is an underestimated problem onboard we came up with ‘Rituals on a Journey’. We worked together with Martijn Horvath to make an inspiring story about the senses in the cabin or other spaces. This story shows the importance of scent to both crew and passengers.



-Make an inspiring story about the importance of scent onboard for both crew and passengers.

-A model based on the customer journey translated into the scent journey.


Rituals Cosmetics Enterprise BV

In co-operation with

Martijn Horvath


1 September 2018


Unique airline consultancy


Airline products, Customer journey, Development, Rituals, Rituals on a Journey, Sensory experience