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Qizini Innovation and sustainability of the inflight selection

Qizini, supplier of among other things sandwiches and wraps for KLM, asked Now New Next to innovate and make their selection more sustainable, and to express this in the 2D and 3D designs.




  • Mapping out the entire chain from raw materials to end of life
  • Drafting a list of wishes and requirements
  • Sourcing sustainable materials and products
  • Developing two iconic design languages
  • 3D packaging design
  • 2D Packaging design
  • Packaging renders and mock-ups
  • Sustainability strategy



The end result of this project was delivered as a sustainable and innovative range of packaging with two iconic graphic designs. Supported by knowledge of the chain, the packaging has been made more sustainable and innovations were introduced to reduce its volume. The concepts and the supporting ideas came together in a complete sales presentation.



Executed by

Elian van Dijk, Reint Bramer

In co-operation with

Els Polhuis, Joost la Housse, deSter, Radnor, RAP UK, Wesly Packaging


20 March 2020


Airline design, Packaging design, Sustainability


2D packaging design, 3D packaging design, Design languages, Inflight selection, Innovation, Qizini, Sustainability