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Approach Pandaluz is an artisan bread with an exceptional story and taste. What makes the bread so unique is the use of a forgotten ingredient: olive seeds from Andalusia. The use of olive seeds and olive seed flour creates a unique and innovative taste sensation characterised by the pure and subtle taste of olives. The bread is developed in cooperation with bakery Borgesius-Bakkersland.


To develop and launch a new premium bread with a new resource (olive seeds), an innovative recipe and a luxurious appearance.

  • An innovative bread recipe with an unique ingredient, olive seeds and olive flour
  • Six different flavors for every bread moment
  • Clean label, E-number free, less salt
  • An innovative and unique bread packaging, a paper bag with an integrated banderol/wrapper called the Brand Band Bag®
In co-operation with

Bakery Borgesius-Bakkersland, Sharon Sutherland, Milou de Boer


6 June 2016


Produc development


Bread, Olive, Premium product