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In Sardinia, a ‘blue zone’, people tend to live longer. The olives grown in this region are used to produce olive oil which has a range of long recognised benefits for your health. James Peterzon, the driving force behind Olivious, has created a drink from olive oil and wanted to market the world’s first olive oil shot. Now New Next was asked to develop the Olivious shot’s house style.




  • Positioning
  • 2D packaging design, one was selected from the various designs presented
  • Logo optimisation
  • Research into materialisation/packaging
  • Digital mock-ups
  • DTP packaging
  • Retail/sales presentation



The result is packaging with a distinctive design and feel. A product/design combination that connects with consumers’ current demands. A sales presentation was also developed for presenting the concept to retail.


3 May 2021


Corporate Identities, Packaging design


2D packaging design, Digital mock-ups, DTP, Logo optimisation, Olive oil shot, Olivious, Positioning, Research, Retail presentation