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NNN Trend presentation 2020 – 2022

What’s happening in the world? What are the current trends? How is the Covid-19 pandemic influencing things? These questions are relevant to all the projects we do, and of course also extremely interesting as input for trend presentations for companies. Now New Next has developed a trend presentation which among other things addresses the influence Covid-19 has on food & packaging.




  • Desk research into macro trends
  • Desk research into consumer trends
  • Desk research into the influence of Covid-19 on food & packaging
  • Sourcing food & packaging examples



An inspiring presentation built up of macro, meso and micro trends, with inspiring examples of products and packaging that have tracked and processed the influence of Covid-19 on food & packaging.



Executed by

Carlijn van Lent, Lisa Hendriks, Roel Vink, Lisa Lelie, Anne Paulina de Jong & Elian van Dijk


17 August 2020


Trend report


Consumer trend, Food packaging, Macro trends, Trend presentation, Trends