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New Forrest – Buitenhuis Perfect Serve

New Forrest wishes to extend the marketing of Buitenhuis, the A-brand for mini-snacks, into the Foodservice section. The snacks have recently been improved with new recipes and tastes, leaving the brand requiring new packaging. New Forrest asked Now New Next to develop a share box for a ‘Perfect Serve’: packaging to include a serving dish, permitting Buitenhuis clients to serve the snacks in a consistent, optimum manner.




  • Desk research
  • Workshop with the cardboard supplier
  • 2D and 3D packaging design



Two concepts were created for a cardboard serving dish which can be delivered flat-packed along with the current packaging.
A sheet of greaseproof paper is included, enabling the dishes to be reused on numerous occasions and require less coating.


New Forrest

Executed by

Roel Vink

In co-operation with

Acket Kartonnage, Adriaan Dekker


4 July 2020


Packaging design, Workshop


2D and 3D packaging design, Buitenhuis, Desk research, Foodservice, New Forrest, Perfect Serve, Workshop