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How do millennials eat?

“It’s about time that the food industry sat up and pondered the question. Seven years from now, today’s millennials – Generation Y – will be the critical group of consumers. And they’re interested in food; very interested. It’s a significant part of their lifestyle, their identity.” Ariane van Mancius, an authority on food, beverage, packaging and hospitality, enthuses about her specialism. She observes these new consumers with a keen eye, consumers who demonstrate an almost palpable disparity when aligned with the more traditional baby-boomers and Generation X. Generation Y is a great deal more interested in local produce, health and sustainability. “You could say this is a sort of counter-revolution to the food revolution. Their food also needs to be Instagrammable, look appealing and attractive, as social media plays a key role in their world. The reason the neo-food movement has grown so rapidly is down to sharing on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. You cannot isolate a single financier or leader behind it, not even a single shared value. It’s a movement that belongs to all, high and low, rich or poor.”


Ref. Coca Cola


“Ariane heeft het Operational Marketing team van Coca-Cola European Partners enorm verfrist met alle inspiratie in de vorm van een Trend Presentatie over Millennials. Dank!”


–  Ineke Kuijpers – Coca Cola Nederland

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14 April 2018


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