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Approach for both Retail an Airline channel to develop new cheese products and packaging for the Millennial generation. We included values like: on-the-go, bright colours, diverse flavours and food and packaging developed in a holistic way.




Together with 3-d designer and 2-de designers we developed a complete new range of products. We adjusted the current corporate design with more young accents. We designed the food and packaging in a holistic way, since they belong together.




  • Retail/Foodservice: Some cool and unique new products like the Beemtser Bun, Tapas Ring, Hummus with cheese and many more.
  • Airlines: A new skin technic extended the shelf live from 30 days into 4 months, meaning they can literally ship over the whole world. A new approach that is applicable to FC, BC and Lounges for all airlines around the globe.


In co-operation with

Emmy van Gool, Stefan Vervoort, Anne-Paulina de Jong, Lisa Lelie, Roy Gilsing


5 April 2018


Airline design, Food & packaging design, Product development


Airline products, Beemster, Beemster bun, Beemster hummus, Beemster tapas ring, Bright colours, Food & Packaging development, Food service, On-the-go, Premium cheese, Retail