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Beemster New Retail

The consumer is changing, which means that ‘traditional’ channels are coming under pressure. It is therefore imperative to anticipate these evolving consumer desires.

Among other things, Beemster has addressed this over the years by participating in events and introducing new products. They asked Now New Next to develop their gifting and merchandise line.




  • Generation/consumer research
  • Drafting a DESTEP model
  • Researching the competition
  • Developing themes and worlds
  • Brainstorming product ideas
  • Selecting and visualising the product ideas



NNN delivered two extensive documents containing a whole array of Beemster-branded ideas and products for gifting and merchandise, organised along various themes. To give muscle to the concept, four ‘worlds’ were created for the merchandise.



Executed by

Elian van Dijk & Anne Paulina de Jong

In co-operation with

Brechje Albert & Els Polhuis


3 April 2019


Food & packaging design, Packaging innovation, Product development


Beemster, Gifting, Merchandise, New Retail