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Bakefive – Relaunch of Bums

The main challenges when it comes to bread in retail are its availability throughout the day and the large volumes of waste generated.
Bakefive wanted to address this by relaunching a brand from their portfolio: Bums ‘dwarsgebakken’. Special techniques ensure|
this bread stays fresh for up to five days, extending its shelf life.




  • Research into the history of Bums
  • Positioning
  • 2D packaging design, one was chosen from a range of options
  • Guiding the packaging production



The result was a ready to launch product, including packaging and positioning, which offers continuation of the brand’s history, but with a new and future proof rebranded design. The process included a sales presentation for Bakefive to present to Jumbo supermarkets and guidance during the packaging production.



Executed by

Elian van Dijk, Roel Vink

In co-operation with

Joost la Housse, Brechje Albert


20 September 2020


Packaging design, Rebranding


2D packaging design, Bakefive, Bread, Bums, Positioning, Research