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Interim product

New product management in Food & Packaging (ad interim)|


A resource that can be flexed up and down as and when required.


  • Are you faced with the extra workload of an upcoming product launch, product line extension, or a new product that needs branding?
  • Do you need help to address competitive activity?
  • Do you need a temporary replacement for a key product manager who is on extended leave?


Ariane van Mancius from NNN is an experienced product manager skilled in consumer trends, innovation, product development, co-creation, and product marketing.


With her hands-on entrepreneurial spirit she can quickly adapt to any organisation. She can provide assistance in ongoing product management and can prove particularly helpful in supporting the additional workload associated with product launches. She can design programmes to defend against competitive activity, rejuvenate an existing product range, manage a line extension, or identify new channels.


NNN’s key words include: Return on investment/ speed/ expertise/ objectivity/ accountability/ effectiveness and commitment.


Please take a look at portfolio / product development.