Gen Next Food Marketing


As the next generations (Millennials, gen Z and gen Alpha) are becoming a larger part of the spending spectrum, understanding their attitudes and drivers is crucial for developing a brand strategy and story that reaches this audience and that can extend to the next decades.

Whether you’re personally part of Gen Next or not, it is difficult to deny that this generation in particular is changing the way we consume and perceive food. For them, food isn’t just to satisfy an appetite, or even to tantalise our taste buds. These days, how and what we eat is more of a lifestyle, and at times even a social, environmental and/or political statement.

More than ever, it is imperative for organisations and brands to make distinct choices and translate these into a clearly focussed and consistent marketing approach targeting Gen Next. Our decidedly hands-on approach will help you identify and determine your brand’s DNA. Based on our own expertise and a wide range of proven models and methods, we will discuss and define all key elements with you, ask the appropriate questions and (if need be) challenge the status quo.

NNN’s key words: drivers / unique self/ focus / co-creation / inspiration / branding