Food & Packaging innovation

From inspiration and ideation to sourcing and implementation, including products, packaging, services and processes

Strong innovation to include products, packaging, services, processes and technologies is absolutely vital to achieve sustainable growth and profitability for food and beverage companies. With the coming new generations, the demand for speed as a significant attribute for innovation continues to increase. A sharp reaction enables companies to harvest consumer trends as they appear. And these days trends often evolve around notions of sustainability.

One general misconception of innovation is that to be innovative, all you do is generate a shed full of new ideas. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with that per se, at this point the glass is only half full. It’s the execution process that really matters if you want to convert an idea into a value-creating and successful innovation.

At NNN we help food companies innovate, starting with inspiration and ideas. We analyse food and packaging trends and translate the most promising developments into ideas for your business. We believe in concept development and create unique stories to award your propositions a clear and distinctive identity. By combining your own and our knowledge and expertise with the knowledge and experience of potential suppliers, we can establish robust and agile innovation teams. Our enthusiasm and can-do attitude and approach are well recognised in this context.

NNN’s key words: creative / inspiration / story telling / agile / jointly / can-do attitude.