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Co-creation design is a revolutionary design approach where a multitude of stakeholders are actively involved in the design process. It goes beyond partnering with other companies, co-creation is about joint creation of value by the designer and the company. Co-creation design can lead to better, quicker and less risky innovations that are beneficial to companies. This includes direct innovation outcomes, like:


  • Increased perceived value
  • Increased product quality, resulting in increased product satisfaction
  • Reduced risk of innovation efforts not meeting customer need.
  • Increased attitudinal loyalty of customers towards products and services
  • Increased chances of positive word-of-mouth and social media activities


But in spite of all these advantages, co-creation requires a good understanding of the multiple stakeholders. The role between designer and company is an important one that requires a well-balanced multitude of characteristics and competences.


Characteristics: focused/ organised/ convincing/ mediation/ joint effort.


Competences: brands/ product development/ marketing/ technical insides/ cost price/ production process.


NNN has a sound track record with more than 15+ co-creation projects with world-famous designers and brands.


Portfolio work available on request.