Food Packaging

Anele Supply Chain Solutions

For Anele Supply Chain Solutions we came up with a new retail brand for snack packaging. We created Leziz®, a modern Turkish brand in which we combine future and heritage as a

Frites Atelier Amsterdam

Finally it is out in the open! Sergio Herman starts new unique french fries concept called Frites Atelier Amsterdam. Proud to be part of the packaging development team together with Thomas

Packaging Awards 2016!

De Award in de categorie Totaalconcept ging naar Cavariane, ingezonden door Now New Next. De jury: De winnaar en de runner-up zijn er beiden in geslaagd een totaal nieuw concept

Food innovation timeline

A travel trough time, under the progress of technology we will see more innovative concepts coming in near future. NNN will be part of it.


NNN introduces a virtual brand called Bloomerangs, Haute Footure. The importance of packing becomes a trending topic. NNN is often asked to speak about this topic and has now created

Ariane is working on It’s a Wrap

Ariane is working on It's a Wrap - Trends in Packaging and Food and Drink Service On Board. CCH - Congress Center Hamburg, Germany 13 Apr 2015, 12:20 - 12:40 English * The future