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Pandaluz® is an artisan bread with an exceptional story and taste. What makes the bread so unique is the use of a forgotten ingredient: olive seeds from Andalusia. The use of olive seeds and olive seed flour creates a unique and innovative taste sensation characterised by the pure and subtle taste of olives.


Pandaluz® is determined to raise the standard of bread to a higher level with the unique combination. The bread is available in 6 variations and is therefore suitable for all bread occasions.


  • No. 1 Vloer, stone-baked multigrain bread
  • No. 2 Breek, multigrain tear-and-share bread
  • No. 3 Fruitig, fruity multigrain bread with figs and apricots
  • No. 4 Hartig, savoury olive bread with San Simon cheese
  • No. 5 Vloer, stone-baked olive bread
  • No. 6 Spicy, olive bread with chilli pepper


The origin of the olive seeds has been incorporated into the name, house style and packaging of Pandaluz®. Pandaluz® means Pan – bread in Spanish – from Andalusia. The holistic approach of Pandaluz® is also reflected in the packaging. Each loaf from the bread collection is individually presented in luxurious BRAND BAND BAG® packaging. The bag is made of wax-laminated paper with an integrated banderole, which exudes an artisan character. The Moorish pattern on the banderole dates back to the time the Moors ruled Andalusia.


Pandaluz® is an exceptionally delicious bread.


Pandaluz® bread will be available.


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