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Olive oil caviar from Cavariane® is an unique and sophisticated product made with the very best olive oil from the Spanish region of Andalusia. Cavariane® olive oil pearls are made with the application of a new technology in which the olive oil is encapsulated in a thin layer of natural, vegan alginate. This technology produces the ultimate taste experience that stimulates the senses. It is a luxurious and tasty garnish that provides the ultimate finishing touch.


The olive oil pearls are available in four varieties:


  • extra virgin Picual olive oil
  • extra virgin Picual olive oil with natural chilli extract
  • extra virgin Picual olive oil with natural basil extract
  • mild Pedro Jimez vinegar with extra virgin Picual olive oil


Cavariane® came first in the Total Concept category of the 2016 NL Packaging Awards with its packaging. As a brand, Cavariane® is positioned at the nexus point where food, fashion and technology meet. The olive oil pearls are packed in a glass jar with an aluminium lid. This packaging gives the product a luxurious look reminiscent of cosmetics. Cavariane® is intended to be experienced via the senses. This is reflected in the embossing on the sleeve, which makes the packaging highly sensory with a luxurious appearance. The holographic foil gives it a technological dimension.

The product was developed with care to be added to dishes as a luxury finishing touch. This story is visualised in a unique and fashionable way in an illustration by Gretchen Roehrs, in which the Cavariane® olive oil pearls form a dress. An illustration in which food and fashion merge with each other.


Cavariane® is available at:



 E| ariane@nownewnext.nl