Author: Anne-Paulina de Jong

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Blurring Boundaries

Now|New|Next writes about: the trend of Blurring Boundaries. Traditional boundaries are blurring, with interesting results. One sector is merging with another, boundaries are blurring and the world is becoming increasingly

Tailor made style guides

What is happening around us? What is happening in our specific market? What do consumers want? Which products/services are relevant and popular? Now|New|Next gives your company insight into these issues


BRAND BAND BAG® - a bag with identity We are pleased to announce the launch of a unique packaging! The BRAND BAND BAG® is a unique packaging concept that focuses

Lily O’Brien’s

One of the recent projects Now|New|Next worked on, was an inspiring project for Lily O’Brien’s. Our mission was to create a tailor-made style guide which will visualize influential trends that

KLM Long

Our assignment for KLM was to create a meal service that replaces a bread roll for the long European Economy flights. And our Mission was to redesign the packaging into a

Anele Supply Chain Solutions

For Anele Supply Chain Solutions we came up with a new retail brand for snack packaging. We created Leziz®, a modern Turkish brand in which we combine future and heritage as a


Pandaluz® - an exceptionally delicious bread Now|New|Next is happy to announce a new bread concept, created in collaboration with Bakery Borgesius-Bakkersland. Pandaluz® is an artisan bread with an exceptional story and

Sligro Food Group

Now|New|Next teamed up with Christine Boland Trends and Mindsets to work on a creative project for Sligro Food Group. Together we came up with two strong vision documents, valuable for

Frites Atelier Amsterdam

Finally it is out in the open! Sergio Herman starts new unique french fries concept called Frites Atelier Amsterdam. Proud to be part of the packaging development team together with Thomas